Fine blanking

Mass production of high-end fine-blanked components

ART-FPT specialises in the mass production of high-end fine-blanked components. With the ART Group, we design and build high-precision reliable fineblanking tools which meet the highest requirements Our corporate project management organisation enables total control of the lead time and output of all our projects, which vary widely from product modifications to new products. Using SPC as a basis, we achieve the highest possible process stability, which results in an extremely reliable and consistent product quality.

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We offer:

  • Fine-blanked products made of material from 1 to 10 mm thick
  • Co-engineering of fine-blanked products
  • Prototype tools and production
  • (Mass) series production during the entire product life cycle with presses ranging from 160 to 700 tonnes
  • Various heat and surface treatments
  • SPC controlled production environment
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photographs by Nick Luypen