1958 SMS

SMS was founded by Ad and Cees Schoormans in an old lock-up garage on Lieven de Keijstraat in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

1984 SMS

1st lead-frame stamping Die for Philips.

1984 CCG

CCG was founded by Frans van Caulil.

1987 SMS

Construction of the new premises for SMS on Swaardvenstraat, Tilburg.
Directors: Ad Schoormans, Cees Schoormans, Jan Kuijpers

1987 CCG

The company moves from Spoorlaan to Watermanstraat with 3 employees.

1989 SMS

1st 4-up fine-blanking stamping Die for Bosch.

1989 FPT

Founded in 1989 by Theo Brouwers.

1990 GVW

GVW was founded as a one-man business in a small shed in a back garden in 1990.

1994 SMS

1st lead-frame stamping Die with 100% ceramic punches.

1995 GVW

In 1995, work began on the construction of the current business premises; by that time, the company had expanded into a fully-fledged tool manufacturing company with 5 employees.

1995 CCG
ART Group

The introduction of the 1st CNC machining centre.

1997 SMS

The construction of the new premises for SMS & the founding of WTS on Hermesstraat, Tilburg.

2000 FPT

We move to the new premises on Belgiëstraat.

2005 FPT

The company is acquired by Roel Kraaijenbrink.

2006 GVW

In 2006, we developed the ART concept, to which end we set up ART (eur) as a project management company for China.

2008 GVW

In 2008, we extended our premises with the building of anadditional hall.

2008 FPT

The production room expands with the addition of a 700t press to the machinery.

2008 CCG

The company is acquired by Mr Marsman.

2009 GVW

In 2009, we merged with SMS Stamp Tool & Mould Technologies BV in Tilburg, the Netherlands, who specialise in manufacturing A class high speed stamping Dies.

2011 CCG

Caulil’s cylindrical grinding company is acquired by the ART Group and continues under the name “CCG Caulil Cylindrical Grinding”.

2013 FPT

FPT is acquired by the ART Group.

2015 FPT

The addition of a second production room.

2016 GVW

The addition of a second production room.

designed by vanEngelen photographs by Nick Luypen