ART takes next step in hybrid technology with 60T vertical Engel machine

Saves cycle time and complexity of automation

As a precision mould making and production company, we are increasingly confronted with the necessity of insert loading in our tools and production.

For precise metal / plastic (hybrid) product tooling as well as prototype single cavity tooling of hybrid components, we now have installed a 60T vertical machine that enables us to set up processes and complete approval runs for products with manual or automated metal insert loading. Having the flexibility of a turntable and the option of a second or third lower mould half, we can trial run and produce series of hybrid products with better accuracy, less operator dependency and greater efficiency. The advantage of being able to load parts within the running moulding cycle saves cycle time and complexity of automation.

We are confident this is a step appreciated by our long term clients and look forward to assisting you with any inquiries for hybrid tooling and components.

photographs by Nick Luypen