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As of 4/12/2013 ART-SMS participates as SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) in the HYMaCER consortium, funded by the European Commission's 7th Framework Program. The HYMaCER project, driven by 4 dedicated Hi-Tech SMEs, aims at developing a complete supply chain for large size technical ceramic blanks in order to fulfil their need for economically produced, innovative and difficult to densify technical ceramics, all three parameters which are currently limiting the SMEs market expansion.

The research will be focused on the fabrication of electrically conductive technical ceramics (e.g.: ZrO2, Al2O3 based composites), combining an oxide matrix with a secondary, electrically conductive phase, by means of the largest worldwide hybrid spark plasma sinteringequipment, with pressing force up to 400 tons and component capacity up to 400 in diameter.

The SMEs will join their knowledge on spark plasma sintering (NANOKER & FCT) and machining of ceramics (Ceratec, ART-SMS & FCT) to produce innovative technical ceramics with an already proven market potential for dedicated niche markets.

In order to realise this, the SMEs will be supported by 3 RTD centres with a long standing expertise in ceramic material development (KU Leuven & CSIC), spark plasma sintering (KU Leuven & CSIC) and non-conventional machining (KU Leuven & IK4-TEKNIKER).

See flyer or visit www.HYMaCER.eu for more informaton.

designed by vanEngelen photographs by Nick Luypen